Waterfront Dining at Barefoot Landing

IT'S ALL IN THE RUB..........

Each day our crew arrives early to begin the smoking process.  Our Ribs, Pork butts and chicken are prepared with a generous amount of our secret rub prior to being smoked.  Our rub contains the perfect blend of spices, sugars and salt to give our smoked meats a great flavor.

After enough rub is on the meats....the slow smoking begins.  Hickory wood logs are placed in the smoker and the cooking begins.  An apple spray is used to keep the meats moist and assist in soaking in the rub during the smoking process.  Each step is vital to the quality and end result of the BBQ. 

Once meats are fully smoked, they are removed from the smoker and prepared for our guests to enjoy. 

It takes time and a lot of patience to smoke and pull pork BBQ properly, but we feel the end result is so worth it!


We are a family owned casual dining restaurant located on the Intracoastal waterway in Barefoot Landing.  Our menu consists of authentic Carolina barbecue, burgers, fried shrimp and the most amazing ribs you can get your hands on!

One of our most popular items is our grilled BBQ burrito, filled with smoked pulled-pork BBQ, baked beans, slaw and cheese.........it is Awesome! 

We have 4 signature sauces:

Original BBQ, Carolina Mustard BBQ, Moonshine BBQ and our most popular Sweet & Sassy BBQ sauce.  All of our sauces are stationed at every table so that our guests can sample all of our flavors and create their own barbecue masterpiece!



4738A Highway 17 S

North Myrtle Beach, SC

(843) 427-7183


Open daily at 11am

Closing hours vary by season